Mineola Country Club


Club Membership Classifications And Fees Effective As Of January 1, 2017


Social Membership
Swimming pool and bar only
$100.00 Initiation fee, $25.99 a month
MUST pay 6 months dues in advance ($150.00 + $100.00 initiation fee= $250.00 to join)
Associate Membership
Golf, swimming pool, and bar
$200.00 Initiation fee
$82.00 a month
Stock Holder
Golf, swimming pool, and bar
Voting member
Own stock at MCC
$600.00 Initiation fee
$82.00 a month
(if stock holder holds membership for 1 year, they may cash in there stock of $600.00)
Golf, swimming pool and bar
$100.00 Initiation fee
$71.20 a month
Access the Registration form here. Print it and attach the completed application to your email and email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or you can drop the application by the club house or mail it to: Mineola Country Club, 975 West Loop 564, Mineola, Texas 75773.